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The screen captures above show the 802.1X authentication profile and AAA profile settings for a VAP.
If machine authentication passes and user authentication fails, which role will be assigned?



A.    employee
B.    denyall
C.    guest
D.    logon
E.    no role is assigned

Answer: B

Referring to the above screen capture, if an administrator desires to change a specific AP into a Spectrum Monitor without assigning the AP to a new group, which menus could be used?


A.    Network > Controller
B.    Wireless > AP Configuration
C.    Wireless > AP Installation
D.    Advanced Services > Wireless
E.    Wizards > WIP Wizard

Answer: B

An Aruba controller can be accessed with which CLI based remote access methods?(Choose two)

A.    RSH
B.    Telnet
C.    SSH
D.    SFTP
E.    SCP

Answer: BC

In the above screen capture, the administrator notes that most of the configuration options are grayed out and have no action.
What is the cause of the problem?
A.    attempting to make global changes on a Master Controller
B.    attempting to make global changes on a Local Controller
C.    this change can only be performed via the CLI
D.    does not have the correct software license
E.    there is an error in the configuration

Answer: B

Referring to the above screen capture, on which controller can you modify APs configuration to enable ARM?


A.    Controller only
B.    Controller and only
C.    All three Controllers
D.    None of the Controllers
E.    On Controllers where ARM is enabled

Answer: A

Which of the following metrics does the ARM feature use to calculate the optimal channel and power level for Access Points? (Choose two)

A.    RF Spectrum Index
B.    Priority Index
C.    Interference Index
D.    Coverage Index
E.    Frequency Index

Answer: CD

When direct consoled to an AP, what is the command sequence to factory default the AP and re-bootstrap?

A.    setenv bootstat init
B.    setenv master init, boot
C.    purge, save, boot
D.    init, save, boot
E.    printenv, purge, boot

Answer: C

Which of the following will accept named VLANs as a parameter? (Choose three)

A.    a VLAN pool
B.    User Role for single VLAN
C.    RADIUS Server attributes for role derivation
D.    Firewall session rule
E.    Port trunk configuration

Answer: ABC

An administrator is setting up a factory default controller. No new AP groups were created. When adding a WLAN SSID in the Campus WLAN wizard what AP group is available?

A.    The air-monitors AP group
B.    The logon AP group
C.    The default AP group
D.    The initial AP group
E.    The Spectrum AP group

Answer: C

The reusable Aruba Controller wizards are accessible in what way?

A.    Only on startup through the CLI
B.    Through the CLI, after the initial CLI wizard has been completed
C.    In the Web UI under maintenance.
D.    In the Web UI under configuration.
E.    Must be initialized from CLI first.

Answer: D

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