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Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 276 Which three options can initiate scheduled or rendezvous meetings hosted on a Cisco TelePresence Server? (Choose three.) A.    video endpoint B.    Cisco TMS C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager D.    Cisco TelePresence Server E.    Cisco VCS F.    Cisco TelePresence ManagerAnswer: ABD QUESTION 277 When placing a Multiway call through a Cisco TelePresence Conductor, which IP address on the Conductor should the call be routed to? A.    Rendezvous IP address B.    Ad hoc IP address C.    Scheduled conference IP address D.    Management IP address Answer: A QUESTION 278 Which type of conference must be booked through Cisco TMS with a start and end time and a predefined set of participants? A.    Ad hoc conference B.    Multiway conference C.    Auto-dialed participant conference D.    Rendezvous conference E.    Scheduled conference Answer: E QUESTION 279 Which path should you follow to initiate a Cisco Telepresence System 1310-65 camera calibration procedure? A.    Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup > Setup > Show Focus Target B.    Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup > Cameras > Setup > Calibrate C.    Hardware Setup > Start > Cameras > Setup > Show Focus Target D.    Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup > Cameras > Show Camera Target Answer: D QUESTION 280 An end user is in Cisco TelePresence session with a remote participant and can control the camera at the remote endpoint. Which feature is underlying in this scenario? A.    FEC B.    DTMF C.    FECC D.    PIP Answer: C QUESTION 281 Which two actions must take place for proper operation when using Advanced Networking on Cisco VCS? (Choose two) A.    Automatic routing must be enabled B.    NAT refection must be enabled on the firewall C.    Manual routes must be added using xCommand RouteAdd D.    Network interfaces must reside in the same subnet E.    Network interfaces must reside in separate subnets Answer: CE QUESTION 282 An engineer wants to manually assign the IP address on an Cisco TelePresence System EX Series endpoint by using the CLI. Which command should the engineer use? A.    xCommand Set Network IPV4 Address B.    xConfiguration Network IPV4 Address Ethernet0: C.    xConfiguration Network IPV4 Address NIC0: D.    xConfiguration Network IPV4 Address: Answer: D QUESTION 283 An engineer must pull logs from an Cisco EX90 Codec for a Call setup issue. The engineer opens a Telnet session to the codec and enters the log ctx SipPacket debug 9 command. The engineer places a test call, but sees no debugs on the console. Which action must the engineer take to review the logs? A.    SSH into the codec to view the logs B.    Enter the log ctx SipPacket debug all command C.    Enter the log output on command. D.    Collect logs from the web interface. Answer: C QUESTION 284 A video engineer needs to locate the running version of the Cisco VCS. Under which tab in the Cisco VCS web interface is this information contained? A.    Applications B.    Status C.    System D.    Configuration Answer: B QUESTION 285 A customer wants to enable existing remote Cisco Jabber users to register their devices to Cisco Unified Communications Manager without using a VPN connection. What should the customer implement in order to achieve this goal? A.    Cisco Expressway Series with MRA B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence XMPP Federation C.    Cisco VCS with RMA D.    Cisco Expressway Series with Jabber Guest E.    Cisco VCS with Jabber Guest Answer: A QUESTION 286 Which Cisco DX series endpoint supports PoE? A.    DX650. B.    DX70. C.    DX80. D.    All DX endpoints support PoE. Answer: A QUESTION 287 Which call control device does the DX650? A.    Telepresence Server B.    Telepresence Manager C.    CUCM + Telepresence Server D.    VCS E.    CUCM + VCS F.    CUCM Answer: F QUESTION 288 The features that Telepresence Server has and MCU don't have (Choice 3) A.    Video Compositing B.    auto-attendant conference menu C.    active presence D.    multiscreen endpoint support E.    multiple layouts F.    automatic lecture mode G.    virtualization Answer: CDG QUESTION 289 Which endpoint use for multiparty with presentation capability and without centralized bridge? A.    Jabber B.    SX20 C.    7800 D.    DX650 Answer: B QUESTION 290 Endpoints for immersive telepresence (choice 3): A.    CTS 3000 B.    TX 9000 C.    EX 90 D.    SX 10 E.    T3 F.    Jabber Answer: ABE QUESTION 291 Endpoint for immersive telepresence: A.    EX 90 B.    TX 9000 C.    SX 10 D.    DX 70 Answer: B QUESTION 292 XConfigurator Cameras Camera 1 Brightness Level 1 command has not effect. Why? A.    brightness mode must be set to manual B.    codec must be rebooted for the changes to take effect C.    display brightness was changed for the remote end D.    default brightness level is 1 Answer: A QUESTION 293 Conference solution for video streaming (Choice 2) A.    TCS B.    VCS C.    TMS D.    TS E.    MCU 4500 Answer: AE QUESTION 294 Illumination for immersive telepresence: A.    reflective B.    point C.    direct D.    indirect Answer: D QUESTION 295 Your customer reports that they have had unwanted calls routing from their Cisco VCS Expressway to their ISDN gateway. Which way is recommended to prevent these calls? A.    Configure a Registration Deny List on the Cisco VCS Expressway. B.    Configure a Registration Allow List on the Cisco VCS Expressway. C.    Implement a CPL on the Cisco VCS Control. D.    Implement a CPL on the Cisco VCS Expressway. Answer: D QUESTION 296 How to see ongoing call statistic on endpoint A.    Status Call Feature Display B.    xStatus OutgoingVideoChannel Netstat 1 C.    xStatus Diagnostic D.    xCommand Diagnose Answer: C QUESTION 297 VISCA cable: A.    connect camera to touch panel B.    connect camera to monitor C.    connect camera to codec D.    connect camera to network Answer: C QUESTION 298 Which optional feature is available for some endpoints to enable multiparty calls to be hosted directly on the local endpoint? A.    ad hoc B.    Webex enabled Cisco Telepresence C.    Multiway D.    Multisite E.    MeetMe Answer: D QUESTION 299 When a user attempts to sign with a Jabber Video for Cisco Telepresence, which SIP message is the first that is sent? A.    REGISTER B.    NOTIFY C.    SUBSCRIBE D.    INFO Answer: C QUESTION 300 When a Multiway call excalation happens, which SIP message is sent? A.    REFER B.    TRANSFER C.    200 OK D.    REDIRECT Answer: A Lead2pass is the leader in supplying candidates with current and up-to-date training materials for Cisco certification and exam preparation. Comparing with others, our 210-065 exam questions are more authoritative and complete. 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