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A.    Virtual LinksB.    Backup LinksC.    Inter-backbone LinksD.     Point-to-point LinksAnswer: A QUESTION 327You are given the network and you should divide it in 4 subnets. Which statements are true regarding the first subnet? (Choose Three) A.    62 hosts in subnetB. maskC. last hostD. maskE.     126 hosts in subnetF. last host Answer: ABC QUESTION 328With which technology can VSS be combined to achieve better performance? A.    MEC (Multichassis Etherchannel)B.    NSFC.    BFDD.    UDLD Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 329Explain to a customer 2 advantages of the routing summarization. (Choose two) A.    small routing tableB.    small upstream impact of a flapping interfaceC.    fast convergenceD.     securityE.    enhance view of the architecture Answer: AB QUESTION 330Which technology guarantees loop free network and does not contain the state "listening"? A.    RPVST+B.    STPC.     VSSD.    MEC Answer: A QUESTION 331Which protocol does VPLS use to tunnel layer 2 ethernet frames? A.    MPLSB.    L2TPv3C.    L2TPv1D.    VXLAN Answer: A QUESTION 332You need to design a network with a summary segment that supports up to 15 IP segments and all segments must be /24? A.    /20B.    /21C.     /18D.     /19 Answer: A QUESTION 333SDN solution for WAN which is support automation, PnP (Plug and Play) application delivers on WAN.. A.    APICB.    APIC-EMC.    Enterprise NFVD.    WAASE.    ACI Answer: B QUESTION 334Two companies merge together but different OSPF Processes (domain), no IP overlapping, they want to exchange routing...(Choose 1) A.    Static OSPFB.    Virtual linkC.    Route Summarization Answer: B QUESTION 335Two Cisco switches with 1 SUP and many 10G line-card ports for each switch, run in VSS mode.Why don't connect all VSL to SUP (Choose 1) A.    The SUP diversity...B.    Bandwidth congestion at SUPC.    PendingD.    Qos must be configured on both Answer: A QUESTION 336Merging two company network. No subnets overlap, but engineer must limit the networks advertised to new organization. Which feature implements this requirement? A.    interface ACLB.    stub areaC.    passive interfaceD.    route filteringE.     route summary Answer: E QUESTION 337IP multicast packets when designing IPSec VPN? A.    IPSec forwarding using tunnle modeB.    Encapsulation of trafic with GRE or VTIC.    Additional bandwidth for headendD.    IPSec forwarding using transport mode Answer: B QUESTION 338In which OSI layer does IS-IS operate? A.    Layer 1B.    Layer 2C.    Layer 3D.    Layer 4 Answer: B QUESTION 339A link state routing protocol wants to connect tow separate domains, what should be configure ((it's a question about IS-IS)? A.    Level 1 routerB.    Level 1 router interfaceC.    Level 2 router interfaceD.    Level 2 router Answer: D QUESTION 340ASA firewall cause outraged....maintaining QOS in architecture ......(or)Cisco ASA in active / active mode, how to pass almost like stateful info across to the other member? A.    ECMPB.    BFDC.    IP SLAD.    ASR groups Answer: D QUESTION 341Out of band management. What is the best practice Cisco design? A.    Data traffic should never pass or enter the management networkB.    In-band management as backupC.    Enforce QoSD.    Enable dynamic routing Answer: AExplanation: OOB management network should be deployed using the following best practices:·Provide network isolation·Enforce access control·Prevent data traffic from transiting the management network QUESTION 342HSRP. Router 1 (master) and Router 2 (standby) same priority, when router 1 f0/1 (outside interface) down. Which tracking command will active to Router 2 (Choose 2) A.    Track 50B.    Track 50 decrement 20C.    ip tracking 50 interface f0/1 reachabilityD.    ip tracking 50 Interface (outside interface )ip routing (or line protocol) Answer: BD QUESTION 343Design QoS (traffic regulation mechanisms)(Choose 2) A.    ClassificationB.    ShapingC.    PolicingD.    Queuing Answer: BC QUESTION 343NAC: Simple access control at user and device contextual level. Which features support?  (Choose 2) A.    secure access controlB.    TrustSecC.    ISED.    NAC agent Answer: CD QUESTION 344Multicast pim spare-mode send traffic overload. Which feature reduces the multicast traffic in the access layer? A.    Filter at BoundariesB.    PIM Sparse-ModeC.    IGMP snoopingD.    MSDP Answer: CExplanation:Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP), Router Group Management Protocol (RGMP), and IGMP snooping efficiently constrain IP multicast in a Layer 2 switching environment. QUESTION 345A customer with a single Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance wants to separate multiple segments of the e-commerce network to allow for different security policies. What firewall technology accommodates these design requirements? A.    Routed modeB.    Virtual-contextC.    Transparent modeD.    Virtual private networkE.    private VLANsF.    admission control Answer: B QUESTION 346Design for data center where you don't have to dedicate one switch per rack? A.    Top of rackB.    End of rowC.    Blade SwitchD.    Middle of row Answer: B QUESTION 347Transition to Named EIGRP without causing an outage? A.    router eigrp NAMEB.    router eigrp 1 named NAMEC.    router eigrp 1eigrp upgrade-cli NAMED.    interface fa0/1ip router eigrp 1 named NAME Answer: C QUESTION 348Which technology should a network designer combine with VSS to ensure a loop free topology with optimal convergence time? A.    PortfastB.    UplinkFastC.    RPVST +D.    Mulitchassis EtherChannel Answer: D QUESTION 349HSRP has been implemented on distribution switches but no priority has been defined.Which one of the two switches will be active ? A.    The one with the higher IP address configured on the interfaceB.    The one with the higher MAC address configured on the interfaceC.    The one which booted the lastD.    The one with the higher bandwith configured on the interface Answer: A QUESTION 350An Engineer is designing a Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure network.What is the expected number of links between Spine switches? A.    0B.    1C.    2D.    4 Answer: A has been the world leader in providing online training solutions for 300-320 Certification. You use our training materials that have been rigorously tested by international experts. 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