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You are the accounts payable payment clerk at your company.
While you are printing check, one of the checks gets jammed in the printer and must be reprinted.
Which feature should you use to cancel the damaged check?

A.    Settle transactions
B.    Void the payment
C.    Payment reversal
D.    Undo settlement

Answer: C

You are the order processor for an apparel company.
You need to send a document a customer that includes their order details.
What should you do?

A.    Generate a confirmation.
B.    Generate a quotation.
C.    Send a catalog.
D.    Send shipment details.

Answer: C

The bill of exchange process needs to be set up on your new Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade system.
Which three configuration steps are required? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Journal names for each stage.
B.    bridging account
C.    posting profiles
D.    remittance format
E.    a method of payment

Answer: ABC

You are the controller at Contoso, Ltd.
You have configured the chart of accounts for the company and included two main accounts that should be used for posting vendor account balances.
One is used for regular external vendor accounts, and the other is used for intercompany vendor accounts.
You need to configure the system to use these two main accounts.
What should you do?

A.    Create a vendor positing profile.
B.    Create a journal name.
C.    Create an inventory posting profile.
D.    Create an allocation journal.

Answer: B

You are the controller for your company.
Company policy status that when a sales order is entered the credit limit needs to be checked against the outstanding balance owed plus any sales order that has not been shipped, delivered, or invoiced yet.
How should configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade in this situation?

A.    In the Customer record, set the Credit limit to 0, which will check against all outstanding transactions.
B.    In the Customer record, disable the Mandatory credit limit.
C.    In Account receivable parameters, set the Credit limit type to Balance.
D.    In Account receivable parameters, set the Credit limit type to Balance+All.

Answer: C

You are presenting sales quotations to your client for review.
What are the two statuses that can be selected on an open sales quotation? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Order status is sent.
B.    Run in the background is selected.
C.    Order status is confirmed.
D.    Reason lost or cancelled is selected.

Answer: B

You are the accounts receivable manger for your company.
You want to set up Microsoft Dynamic AX Distribution and Trade so that a group of customers are automatically charged a handling charge on all orders based on their geographic location.
Which charges group should you set up?

A.    Item change group
B.    Vendor change group
C.    Delivery charges group
D.    Customer charge group

Answer: A

You are the accounts receivable manager for your company.
You need to set up a new customer as soon as possible.
You add the customer’s name and address, contact information, their bank information, and all delivery information.
What information is required before you can save the customer?

A.    terms of payment
B.    credit limit
C.    customer group
D.    sales tax group

Answer: A

You are the purchasing manager for your company.
You need to create a trade agreements with a supplier that will allow for a price of $44.00 on product M5814 from July1 until August 31.
What should you configure for the relation on the price/discount jounal?

A.    multiline discount
B.    total discount
C.    price
D.    line discount

Answer: B

You supervisor asks you to complete the sales quotations that you have sent to a series of prospects.
Which two action must you perform on each sales quotation to process? Each correct answer presents parts part of the solution.

A.    Clear the order holds.
B.    Mark the quotation as effective.
C.    Generate a confirmation.
D.    Convert the prospects to customers.

Answer: A

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