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Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 1Which LoB focuses primary on growth, profit, people, and cash assets? A.    SalesB.    FinanceC.    Senior LeadershipD.    Customer ServicesAnswer: C QUESTION 2Which three options are factors you have to take into account when identifying solutions and services in the context of the customer's industry vertical to meet their outcomes? (Choose three.) A.    Technology consumption across verticals differs.B.    Business outcomes are the same for most of the industry verticals.C.    The regulatory requirements impede Cisco from participating in government bids.D.    The value proposition has to be aligned to the nature of the business.E.    Sales approach and sales cycle differs across industry verticals. Answer: ADE QUESTION 3Which two options are principles of the Cisco business outcomes sale? (Choose two.) A.    Define outcomes which are time-bound.B.    Initiate the conversation stating the competitive advantages of the Cisco solutions.C.    Always provide as much technical detail as you can.D.    Evolve to an outcome approach; as customers require, use product and solution selling. Answer: AD QUESTION 4What is true regarding the drivers for product, solution and outcome-based sales? A.    In product sales, the driver is about the product; in solution sales, the driver is about the value of the outcomes, and in outcome-based sales, the driver is the customer pain points.B.    In product sales, the driver is about the customer pain points; in solution sales, the driver is about the value of the outcomes, and in outcome-based sales, the driver is about the product.C.    In product sales, the driver is about the customer pain points; in solution sales, the driver is about the product, and in outcome-based sales, the driver is about the value of the outcomes.D.    In product sales, the driver is about the product; in solution sales, the driver is the customer pain points, and in outcome-based sales, the driver is about the value of the outcomes. Answer: D QUESTION 5In which phase of the Cisco Integrated Sales Process must the ROI be presented? A.    ProspectB.    QualificationC.    ProposalD.    AgreementE.    Closing Answer: C QUESTION 6Which task is part of the Qualification phase of the Cisco Integrated Sales Process? A.    Define customer business issue.B.    Preliminary solution aligned to business issue.C.    Customer budget enquiry.D.    Customer approves solution design. Answer: B QUESTION 7Which option are the stages and order proposed by the Cisco Integrated Sales Process? A.    Qualify > Prospect > Propose > CloseB.    Prospect > Qualify > Propose > CloseC.    Prospect > Qualify > Propose > Agree > CloseD.    Qualify > Propose > Agree > Close Answer: C QUESTION 8When assessing the solutions and services opportunities to increase the pipeline growth, which three options must be covered by the solution? (Choose three.) A.    What must be delivered.B.    What capabilities need to be supported.C.    Rollout strategy.D.    Cisco team solution knowledge.E.    Partner's team technical knowledge. Answer: ABC QUESTION 9Which three options are technical value solution assessment factors that need to be considered and could increase pipeline growth? (Choose three.) A.    Solution profitability.B.    Maintenance policies.C.    Conformity to technical standards.D.    Solution NPV.E.    Need for increased coverage. Answer: ABC QUESTION 10Which three options are real costs of maintaining outdated technology? (Choose three.) A.    Time to market.B.    Increased risk.C.    Capital expenditures.D.    Upgrade costs.E.    Total cost of ownership. Answer: CDE QUESTION 11Which statement about PEST analysis is true? A.    Political aspects can be identified easily through surveys.B.    Economic and social implications are relevant only with the public sector.C.    A PEST analysis allows you to take an independent, outside-in view of factors that impact the customer's situation.D.    A PEST analysis often can be related directly to specific findings from the operating process analysis. Answer: C QUESTION 12Which option describes what a five forces model shows? A.    industry players: suppliers, complementers, customers, and competitorsB.    a list of industry trends and drivers for total market growthC.    the top three competitive advantages owned by each of the major suppliersD.    an analysis of customer priorities for technology purchase decisions Answer: A QUESTION 13Which statement describes when it is a good time to apply a "use case"? A.    You must identify how many transactions should be included in a system test cycle.B.    You must understand the major process steps a customer wants for collaboration among its sales force personnel.C.    You must identify the network capacity required by a new Cisco TelePresence system.D.    You must estimate a company's cash flow impacts from upgrading security software to the latest version. Answer: B QUESTION 14Which step is important when you define pain points for a multidepartment business initiative? A.    Prioritize needs and opportunities across the full scope of the departments.B.    Ask each department to rate their priorities on a 1-10 scale of importance.C.    Use a survey to gain feedback on service-level expectations for network infrastructure.D.    Avoid using customer estimates of benefits since the departments are likely overstating value and competing for funding. Answer: A QUESTION 15Which statement describes the recommended level of detail for analysis when you first identify Cisco Architectures and Smart Solutions that could meet business needs? A.    A fine level of detail, to provide the most information for benefits determination.B.    A high level, with focus on the major architectural or Smart Solution elements that provide significant benefit.C.    A high level for architectures and low level of detail for Smart Solutions.D.    There is no recommended level of detail. Do the analysis as based on the skills and knowledge of the account team. Answer: B QUESTION 16What has to be evaluated in an organization, in order to establish significant KPIs? A.    Business ProcessB.    CANVASC.    CapabilitiesD.    Milestones Answer: A QUESTION 17Which is the result of establishing goals, objectives and smart objectives in an organization? A.    Measured results with KPIsB.    An appropriate Project ManagementC.    A better CANVASD.    A better Business Process Answer: A QUESTION 18Which three pre-requisites are needed to have KPIs provide information regarding progress on reaching goals? (Choose three.) A.    To have analyzed the missionB.    To have identified the stakeholdersC.    To have defined goalsD.    To have developed a CANVASE.    To have established deadlinesF.    To have had follow up meetings Answer: ABC QUESTION 19What information is relevant to validate the progress towards the expected results? A.    Baseline vs actual statusB.    MetricsC.    SimulationsD.    Strategies Answer: A QUESTION 20Which two options are additional metrics, beyond KPIs, that can be considered to measure success? (Choose two.) A.    Price increases.B.    Reduced implementation timelines.C.    Customer loyalty.D.    Technology adoption. Answer: BC More free Lead2pass 840-425 exam new questions on Google Drive: We offer standard exam questions of Cisco 840-425 dumps. The standard exams are important if you have never taken a real exam. 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