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A.    1741B.    443C.    80D.    1740E.    8080Answer: AB QUESTION 152Which command enables the HTTP server daemon for Cisco ASDM access? A.    http server enableB.    http server enable 443C.    crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024D.    no http server enable Answer: A QUESTION 153Which function in the Cisco ADSM ACL Manager pane allows an administrator to search for a specfic element? A.    FindB.    Device ManagementC.    SearchD.    Device Setup Answer: A QUESTION 154Which two router commands enable NetFlow on an interface? (Choose two.) A.    ip flow ingressB.    ip flow egressC.    ip route-cache flow infer-fieldsD.    ip flow ingress infer-fieldsE.    ip flow-export version 9 Answer: AB QUESTION 155Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the SNMP configuration are true? (Choose two.)   A.    The router's IP address is    The SNMP server's IP address is    Only the local SNMP engine is configured.D.    Both the local and remote SNMP engines are configured.E.    The router is connected to the SNMP server via port 162. Answer: BD QUESTION 156To which port does a firewall send secure logging messages? A.    TCP/1500B.    UDP/1500C.    TCP/500D.    UDP/500 Answer: A QUESTION 157What is a required attribute to configure NTP authentication on a Cisco ASA? A.    Key IDB.    IPsecC.    AAAD.    IKEv2 Answer: A QUESTION 158Which function does DNSSEC provide in a DNS infrastructure? A.    It authenticates stored information.B.    It authorizes stored information.C.    It encrypts stored information.D.    It logs stored security information. Answer: A QUESTION 159Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about this firewall output are true? (Choose two.)   A.    The output is from a packet tracer debug.B.    All packets are allowed to    All packets are allowed to    All packets are denied.E.    The output is from a debug all command. Answer: AC QUESTION 160Which utility can you use to troubleshoot and determine the timeline of packet changes in a data path within a Cisco firewall? A.    packet tracerB.    pingC.    tracerouteD.    SNMP walk Answer: A QUESTION 161What can an administrator do to simultaneously capture and trace packets in a Cisco ASA? A.    Install a Cisco ASA virtual appliance.B.    Use the trace option of the capture command.C.    Use the trace option of the packet-tracer command.D.    Install a switch with a code that supports capturing, and configure a trunk to the Cisco ASA. Answer: B QUESTION 162Refer to the exhibit. Which command can produce this packet tracer output on a firewall?   A.    packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 88 3028B.    packet-tracer output INSIDE tcp 88 3028C.    packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 3028 88D.    packet-tracer output INSIDE tcp 3028 88 Answer: A QUESTION 163At which firewall severity level will debugs appear on a Cisco ASA? A.    7B.    6C.    5D.    4 Answer: A QUESTION 164A Cisco ASA is configured in multiple context mode and has two user-defined contexts--Context_A and Context_B. From which context are device logging messages sent? A.    AdminB.    Context_AC.    Context_BD.    System Answer: A QUESTION 165Which three statements about the software requirements for a firewall failover configuration are true? (Choose three.) A.    The firewalls must be in the same operating mode.B.    The firewalls must have the same major and minor software version.C.    The firewalls must be in the same context mode.D.    The firewalls must have the same major software version but can have different minor versions.E.    The firewalls can be in different context modes.F.    The firewalls can have different Cisco AnyConnect images. Answer: ABC QUESTION 166What can you do to enable inter-interface firewall communication for traffic that flows between two interfaces of the same security level? A.    Run the command same-security-traffic permit inter-interface globally.B.    Run the command same-security-traffic permit intra-interface globally.C.    Configure both interfaces to have the same security level.D.    Run the command same-security-traffic permit inter-interface on the interface with the highest security level. Answer: A QUESTION 167How many bridge groups are supported on a firewall that operate in transparent mode? A.    8B.    16C.    10D.    6 Answer: A QUESTION 168In which way are management packets classified on a firewall that operates in multiple context mode? A.    by their interface IP addressB.    by the routing tableC.    by NATD.    by their MAC addresses Answer: A QUESTION 169Where on a firewall does an administrator assign interfaces to contexts? A.    in the system execution spaceB.    in the admin contextC.    in a user-defined contextD.    in the console Answer: A QUESTION 170Which kind of Layer 2 attack targets the STP root bridge election process and allows an attacker to control the flow of traffic? A.    man-in-the-middleB.    denial of serviceC.    distributed denial of serviceD.    CAM overflow Answer: A QUESTION 171Which Layer 2 security feature validates ARP packets? A.    DAIB.    DHCP serverC.    BPDU guardD.    BPDU filtering Answer: A QUESTION 172If you disable PortFast on switch ports that are connected to a Cisco ASA and globally turn on BPDU filtering, what is the effect on the switch ports? A.    The switch ports are prevented from going into an err-disable state if a BPDU is received.B.    The switch ports are prevented from going into an err-disable state if a BPDU is sent.C.    The switch ports are prevented from going into an err-disable state if a BPDU is received and sent.D.    The switch ports are prevented from forming a trunk. Answer: C QUESTION 173In a Cisco ASAv failover deployment, which interface is preconfigured as the failover interface? A.    GigabitEthernet0/2B.    GigabitEthernet0/4C.    GigabitEthernet0/6D.    GigabitEthernet0/8 Answer: D QUESTION 174What are the three types of private VLAN ports? (Choose three.) A.    promiscuousB.    isolatedC.    communityD.    primaryE.    secondaryF.    trunk Answer: ABC QUESTION 175Which VTP mode supports private VLANs on a switch? A.    transparentB.    serverC.    clientD.    off Answer: A Latest 300-206 questions and answers from Cisco Exam Center offered by Lead2pass for free share now! 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