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Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 1What is the maximum number of routers that each OSPF area (including the backbone) should contain? A.    30B.    10C.    50D.    100Answer: C QUESTION 2What is the maximum number of neighbors that a router should have in an OSPF area? A.    5B.    30C.    60D.    99 Answer: C QUESTION 3Which technology allows multiple instances of a routing table to coexist on the same router simultaneously? A.    VRFB.    Cisco virtual routerC.    instanced virtual routerD.    IS-IS Answer: A QUESTION 4Which first-hop redundancy protocol that was designed by Cisco allows packet load sharing among groups of redundant routers? A.    GLBPB.    HSRPC.    VRRPD.    VSS Answer: A QUESTION 5Which routing protocol provides the fastest convergence and greatest flexibility within a campus environment? A.    OSPFB.    IS-ISC.    BGPD.    EIGRP Answer: D QUESTION 6A network engineer wants to connect two sites via a WAN technology and to securely pass multicast traffic over this WAN technology. Which WAN technology should be configured? A.    IPsecB.    GREC.    pure MPLSD.    GRE over IPsec Answer: D QUESTION 7A network manager wants to securely connect a new remote site to the existing headquarters site using a VPN technology that meets security requirements. Which VPN technology should be used? A.    GREB.    IPsecC.    remote-access VPND.    L2TP VPN Answer: B QUESTION 8Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? A.    GET VPNB.    DMVPNC.    MPLSD.    IPsec VPN Answer: A QUESTION 9Which type of connectivity is required for VPLS? A.    full meshB.    partial meshC.    starD.    busE.    ring Answer: A QUESTION 10Which protocol should be run on the LAN side of two edge routers (that are terminating primary and backup WAN circuits) to provide quick failover in case of primary WAN circuit failure? A.    VTPB.    STPC.    VRRPD.    RIP Answer: C QUESTION 11Which Cisco feature can be run on a Cisco router that terminates a WAN connection, to gather and provide WAN circuit information that helps switchover to dynamically back up the WAN circuit? A.    Cisco Express ForwardingB.    IP SLAC.    passive interfaceD.    traffic shaping Answer: B QUESTION 12Which protocol is best when there are circuit connections with two different ISPs in a multihoming scenario? A.    VRRPB.    BGPC.    IPsecD.    SSL Answer: B QUESTION 13Private lines make use of which connection type based on cell switching? A.    ATMB.    ISP MPLS VPNC.    VTID.    VPLS Answer: A QUESTION 14Refer to the exhibit. Which functionality must be enabled on router A to connect two networks for translating private addresses into "legal" public addresses on a one-for-one basis?   A.    PATB.    NATC.    VLAND.    GARPE.    PPP Answer: B QUESTION 15Which technology fulfills these requirements? - Utilize a connection that must support a range of traffic, voice, video, and data.- This traffic must also support transmission via a fixed blank 53-byte cell. A.    PPPB.    Frame RelayC.    ATMD.    MPLSE.    X.25 Answer: C QUESTION 16Which option is used as a top-of-rack device that is managed by its parent device, providing ease of management? A.    Cisco Nexus 2000B.    Cisco Nexus 5000C.    Cisco Nexus 7000D.    Cisco Nexus 9000 Answer: A QUESTION 17Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design? A.    The ip routing command enables all of the features in the Cisco NX-OS.B.    All of the features are enabled by default in the Cisco NX-OS.C.    Individual features must be manually enabled to start the process.D.    The Cisco NX-OS has a management VRF that is enabled by default. Answer: C QUESTION 18What is an advantage of using the vPC feature in a data center environment? A.    VSS is a requirement.B.    Multiple instances of control plane are formed.C.    The control plane and management plane remain separate.D.    Cisco FabricPath technology does not have to be configured. Answer: C QUESTION 19Which option is a benefit of the vPC+ feature? A.    Cisco FabricPath is not required in the network domain.B.    This feature provides fault domain separation.C.    Nonfabric devices, such as a server or a classic Ethernet switch, can be connected to two fabric switches that are configured with vPC.D.    The control plane and management plane are combined into one logical plane. Answer: C QUESTION 20A network administrator wants to provide high availability in a data center environment by making sure that there is no reconvergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols when there is a Layer 3 switch failure. Which Cisco Nexus feature fulfills this purpose? A.    ISSUB.    VSSC.    vPCD.    MEC Answer: C QUESTION 21Which virtualization technology allows for HSRP protocol to be used in the active/active configuration where both HSRP Layer 3 devices can forward network traffic? A.    OTVB.    VSSC.    vPCD.    VDC Answer: C QUESTION 22Which technology extends Layer 2 LANs over any network that supports IP? A.    OTVB.    VSSC.    vPCD.    VLAN Answer: A QUESTION 23What is the purpose of an OTV edge device? A.    connect to other data centersB.    connect to the access layerC.    connect to the end usersD.    connect to mobile devices Answer: AExplanation:"Edge DeviceThe edge device (Figure 1-1) performs OTV functions: it receives the Layer 2 traffic for all VLANs that need to be extended to remote locations and dynamically encapsulates the Ethernet frames into IP packets that are then sent across the transport infrastructure.[...]Finally, the OTV edge device can be positioned in different parts of the data center. " QUESTION 24Which QoS architecture provides scalability of implementation? A.    IntServB.    DiffServC.    LLQD.    RSVP Answer: B QUESTION 25Which architecture provides a way to deliver end-to-end QoS as required by real-time voice and video business applications? A.    IntServB.    DiffServC.    LLQD.    ToSE.    DSCP Answer: A The Cisco 300-320 exam questions from Lead2pass are the most reliable guide for Cisco exam. 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