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You are using Visual Studio to manage development with Microsoft Dynamics AX. You need to complete a project for use within the application. Which step must be performed?

A.    best practice check
B.    synchronization
C.    build
D.    validation

Answer: A

You are using the Visual Studio development environment to perform a customization for your client.

You need to follow best practices to create a new table to store customer ranking information for each customer.

What should you name this new table element?

A.    CustRantanglnfo
B.    Custrantanginfo
C.    custRantanglnfo
D.    custrantanginfo

Answer: A

You need to present the advantages of label files to your project team.

Which three attributes of label files should you mention? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    supports multiple language formats
B.    creates reusable content that can be updated centrally
C.    serves as a centralized database of all labels
D.    restricts labels to a finite list of those available
E.    hard codes the string answers within code, without reference

Answer: AB

You need to create menus in Microsoft Dynamics AX

In addition to the Menu hem type and Menu hem name, what are three other key property values? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Enum Type Parameter
B.    Linked Permission Type
C.    Configuration Key
D.    Labels
E.    Normal Image

Answer: ABC

You have a table named CustTable. which has the following three fields: AccountNum, Currency, and CustGroup. You need to wnte X++ code to insert a record into CustTable and set the values of the three fields as follows:

AccountNum = “5000-

Currency = “USD”


Which two code segments can you use to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option D

D. Option D

Answer: D

You want to see a list of all of the forms in the system, along with the current pattern type that is applied to them. What should you do?

A.    Run the form statistics add-in.
B.    Run the code comparison tool.
C.    Run the form patterns report.
D.    Run the help wiki.

Answer: D

You need to write an expression to calculate the compound interest that a bank needs

The formula for compound interest after one period is as follows:

I = (P * (1 + R)) – P


I = Compound interest

P = Principal that was invested

R = Rate of interest

after one period.
Which X++ expression is equivalent to the formula above using operator precedence in X+-+-?

A.    I = P* 1 + R- P
B.    I = P*(1 + R-P)
C.    I = P*(1 + R)-P
D.    I = (P* 1) + (R-P)

Answer: C

You need to create a form with details from the master form style. This form needs to open in view mode with an Edit button so that it is editable.

Which property should you set at the form design level to achieve this behavior?

A.    set Form.Design.Mode property to Edit’ value
B.    set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to `View’ value
C.    set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to `Edit’ value
D.    set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to `Auto’Value

Answer: C

Which information does the Microsoft Dynamics AX development model contain?

A.    the OLTP database
B.    an element’s metadata and source code
C.    an element’s metadata only
D.    an elements source code only

Answer: D

Your solution stores customers in a table named Gust Table. CustTable contains a field named AccountNum, which is used to store the unique account number for a customer. Data in the AccountNum field is 4 characters in length.

You need to retrieve only the records in CustTable where the second character of the Account Number is the letter “H”.
How should you write the select statement?

A.    select * from CustTable where CustTable.AccountNum like “*H”
B.    select * from CustTable where CustTable.AccountNum like “*H?”
C.    select * from CustTable where CustTable.AccountNum like “H*”
D.    select * from CustTable where CustTable.AccountNum like “?H*”

Answer: B

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