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Which object is required to use a forward mailbox with the E-mail Router?

A.    an outgoing email profile
B.    an email server profile
C.    a forwarding rule
D.    a queue in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Answer: B

You need to use information from email headers to link email messages to relevant records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Which email message-processing feature should you use?

A.    CRM for Outlook
B.    forward mailbox
C.    Email Router
D.    server-side synchronization

Answer: D

You use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client. You need to ensure that the Track button is selected automatically when an email message is sent to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM account.
In the Set personal options dialog box, which two tracking options should you set? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Select the Email messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM records that are email enabled check box.
B.    Select the Email messages from CRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts check box.
C.    Select the Check incoming email in Outlook and determine whether an email should be linked and saved as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record check box.
D.    Select the All email messages check box.

Answer: C
Section: (none)

, B

Which configuration supports server-side synchronization?

A.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Exchange Online
B.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises and Microsoft Exchange Online
C.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Exchange 2013 On-Premises
D.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Exchange running in Microsoft Azure

Answer: A

You plan to configure incoming and outgoing routing of email messages between a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization and an email system.
You need to configure the E-mail Router.
Which two items can you use? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    an outgoing email profile
B.    an email server profile
C.    a tracking token
D.    an incoming email profile

Answer: AD

You need to configure mailbox records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for use with server-side synchronization.
What must happen first?

A.    An email server profile must be configured.
B.    Any instances of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router must be uninstalled.
C.    Synchronization default settings must be configured.
D.    Email processing default settings must be configured.

Answer: A

Which type of data encryption is enabled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A.    SQL Server cell-level transparent data encryption
B.    .Net Framework data encryption
C.    SQL Server column level encryption.
D.    Windows BitlLocker Drive Encryption.

Answer: A

You create a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance and add 10 user licenses.
How much storage is allocated?

A.    5 GB per organization
B.    5 GB per subscription
C.    5 GB per business unit
D.    5 GB per user

Answer: A

A user has a license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You remove the user from Office 365. What happens next?

A.    The user is deactivated, and the license is removed.
B.    The user remains active, but the license is removed.
C.    The user is deleted, and the license is removed.
D.    The user is deactivated, but the license remains assigned to the user.

Answer: A

Which instance setting is permanently unchangeable after you create a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online instance?

A.    purpose
B.    base currency
C.    URL
D.    friendly name

Answer: B

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