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A.    Configure route reflectors.B.    Use OSPF instead of EIGRP as an underlying routing protocol.C.    Create a full mesh at Layer 1.D.    Configure confederations.E.    Configure static routes between all routers. Answer: AD QUESTION 77Which multicast implementation strategy provides load sharing and redundancy by configuring intradomain RPs as MSDP peers? A.    anycast RPB.    auto-RPC.    bootstrap routerD.    static RP Answer: AExplanation:Anycast RP is a useful application of MSDP. Originally developed for interdomain multicast applications, MSDP used for Anycast RP is an intradomain feature that provides redundancy and load-sharing capabilities. Enterprise customers typically use Anycast RP for configuring a Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode (PIM-SM) network to meet fault tolerance requirements within a single multicast domain. QUESTION 78Which option maximizes EIGRP scalability? A.    route redistributionB.    route redundancyC.    route filteringD.    route summarization Answer: D QUESTION 79Which practice is recommended when designing scalable OSPF networks? A.    Maximize the number of routers in an area.B.    Minimize the number of ABRs.C.    Minimize the number of areas supported by an ABR.D.    Maximize the number of router adjacencies. Answer: C QUESTION 80Which two options improve BGP scalability in a large autonomous system? (Choose two.) A.    route reflectorsB.    route redistributionC.    confederationsD.    communities Answer: AC QUESTION 81Which option lists the EIGRP minimum timer settings for hello and dead timers in seconds? A.    4 and 6B.    2 and 4C.    2 and 6D.    both 6 Answer: C QUESTION 82Which option is the Cisco preferred, most versatile, and highest-performance way to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments? A.    dual stackB.    hybridC.    service blockD.    dual service Answer: A QUESTION 83Which option is the preferred and most versatile model to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments? A.    hybridB.    service blockC.    dual stackD.    processes Answer: C QUESTION 84Which router type injects external LSAs into the OSPF database using either other routing protocols or static routes? A.    backbone routerB.    ABRC.    internal routerD.    designated routerE.    ASBR Answer: E QUESTION 85Given the addresses and, which option is the best summary? A. Answer: D QUESTION 86Refer to the exhibit. The network engineer wants to ensure that receiver A does not receive traffic from the video conference. For multicast traffic, where must the filtering be placed to fulfill that requirement? A.    R1B.    Video ConferenceC.    AD.    S1E.    R2 Answer: D QUESTION 87Which two VPN solutions extend the routing capabilities of basic IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.) A.    GREB.    NVIC.    DESD.    VTIE.    AES Answer: AD QUESTION 88Which option is an advanced WAN services design consideration for a multipoint architecture that connects two or more customer devices using Ethernet bridging techniques over an MPLS network? A.    VPLSB.    Metro EthernetC.    MPLSD.    SONET/SDH Answer: A QUESTION 89Which three options are basic technical metrics that a good SLA includes? (Choose three.) A.    packet lossB.    devicesC.    latencyD.    clientsE.    IP availabilityF.    distance Answer: ACE QUESTION 90Which option is a benefit of site-to-site VPNs? A.    less configuration required than a WAN circuitB.    more secure than a dedicated WAN circuitC.    less expensive than a dedicated WAN circuitD.    more reliable than a dedicated WAN circuit Answer: C QUESTION 91Which three options are basic design principles of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series for data center virtualization? (Choose three.) A.    easy managementB.    infrastructure scalabilityC.    cost minimizationD.    upgrade of technologyE.    transport flexibilityF.    operational continuity Answer: BEF QUESTION 92Which two options are advantages of having a modular design instead of an EOR design in a data center? (Choose two.) A.    cooling constraintsB.    cable bulkC.    decreased STP processingD.    redundancy optionsE.    cost minimizationF.    low-skilled manager Answer: ABExplanation:There are some disadvantages with EOR designs:· Cable bulk: More cabling needs to be routed and managed.· Cooling constraints: The cable bulk at the cabinet floor entry can be difficult to manage and can block cool airflow.NOTE for your learnings:There are several advantages with EOR designs:· Decreased management complexity: There are fewer devices to manage, which makes this task less complex.· Decreased STP processing: With fewer devices in the Layer 2 infrastructure and significantly fewer uplinks, there is less impact on STP processing.· Redundancy options: Redundant switch power and CPUs can be supported on modular switches. QUESTION 93Which statement about NIC teaming configurations is true? A.    With ALB, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses.B.    With AFT, two NICs connect to the different switches.C.    With SFT, all ports are active.D.    With AFT, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. Answer: AExplanation:· Adapter fault tolerance (AFT): With AFT designs, two NICs connect to the same switch. One adapter is active and the other standby, and they use one common IP address and MAC address.· Switch fault tolerance (SFT): With SFT designs, one port is active and the other standby, and they use one common IP address and MAC address.· Adaptive load balancing (ALB): With ALB designs, one port receives and all ports transmit using one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. QUESTION 94Which two services are provided at the aggregation layer in a data center design? (Choose two.) A.    service module integrationB.    default gateway redundancyC.    high-speed packet switching backplaneD.    network interface card teamingE.    Layer 3 domain definitions Answer: AB QUESTION 95Which two options are two benefits of a Layer 2 looped model? (Choose two.) A.    extends VLANs between switches that are connected to a common aggregation moduleB.    prevents uplink ports from entering the spanning-tree blocking stateC.    provides quick convergence with Rapid Spanning Tree ProtocolD.    increases performance to end hosts using directly connected, bonded Layer 2 links Answer: AC QUESTION 96ACME corporation owns a single MDS.Which two SAN tools can be used to optimize the use and cost of the switching hardware? (Choose two.) A.    zoningB.    IVRC.    VSAND.    iSCSI Answer: AC QUESTION 97Source traffic is sent to a VIP on an SLB device, which in turn is routed to the destination server. Return traffic is policy-based routed back to the SLB.Which SLB design has been implemented? A.    router modeB.    inline bridge modeC.    one-armed modeD.    two-armed mode Answer: D QUESTION 98Which four options are network virtualization technologies that are employed in the data center?(Choose four.) A.    VLANB.    VSANC.    VRFD.    VRPE.    VLCF.    VPC Answer: ABCF QUESTION 99Which three options are the three layers of the Cisco design in the data center architecture? (Choose three.) A.    core layerB.    distribution layerC.    service layerD.    aggregation layerE.    Layer 2 domain sizingF.    access layer Answer: ADF QUESTION 100Which three virtualization categories are in campus networks? (Choose three.) A.    Layer 2 virtualizationB.    Layer 3 clusteringC.    network virtualizationD.    device virtualizationE.    network clusteringF.    device clustering Answer: CDF At Lead2pass, we are positive that our Cisco 300-320 dumps with questions and answers PDF provide most in-depth solutions for individuals that are preparing for the Cisco 300-320 exam. 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