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A Windows Server 2012R2 host has 10 FC LUNs mapped from the cluster. After Cl01-01 takes over Cl01-02, the windows host loses access to all of its LUNs.Which statement describes what is happening in this scenario? A.    Switch zoning does not exist between the windows initiators and the Cl01-02 targetsB.    NPIV is not enabled on the clusterC.    Switch zoning does not exist between the windows initiators and the Cl01-01D.    NPIV is not enabled on the FC switchesAnswer: A QUESTION 2What are three considerations when creating a physical reference diagram of an FC SAN? (Choose three.) A.    Hardware is compatibleB.    FC SAN zoning is availableC.    Power connectivity is availableD.    FC port connectivity is availableE.    FC switches are available Answer: BDE QUESTION 3A LUN copy has been created by using the lun copy command.To allow the copy to be seen on the same host, what would you do? A.    Create a new portset.B.    Map the LUN to the same igroup.C.    Change the serial number of the copied LUN.D.    Configure SLM on the new node. Answer: D QUESTION 4A customer has 1 TB volume with space guarantee set to volume. Two 100 GBs LUNs are created in the volume with LUN reservation enabled and no snapshot copies exist.In this scenario, how much space will be shown as used in the volume? A.    0 GBB.    200 GBC.    400 GBD.    100 GB Answer: B QUESTION 5Referring to the exhibit, which zones use only World Wide Port Name Zoning? A.    BondB.    JeffC.    JakeD.    Zeus Answer: D QUESTION 6A new server has been installed in your environment, but it is unable to see its NetApp boot LUN. You have narrowed the problem down to the zoning on your Cisco switch which has the following configuration: zone name z_NetAppvsan 400memberpwwn 20:00:00:25: B5: C0:ff:eememberpwwn 50:0a:09:84:8d:7c:51: D5zoneset name zs_NetAppvsan 400memberz_NetAppzoneset activate name zs_NetAppvsan 400 What is the problem with your zoning configuration? A.    The member does not reference the VSAN.B.    The zone and zoneset names do not match.C.    The zoneset was improperly activated.D.    The PWWN for your NetApp LIF is incorrect. Answer: A QUESTION 7Referring to the volume v_iscsi_exch01 shown in the exhibit, which two LUN combinations can you create? (Choose two.) A.    Five LUNS, each LUN 3GB in size, with the LUN option space-reserve set to enabledB.    Three LUNS, each LUN 5GB in size, with the LUN option space-reserve set to enabledC.    Two LUNS, each LUN 5GB in size, with the LUN option space-reserve set to disabledD.    Four LUNS, each LUN 1GB in size, with the LUN option space-reserve set to enabled Answer: CD QUESTION 8To provide host connectivity for both SAN and NAS protocols, which combination is valid? A.    UTA2 configured as FC connected to an FCoE-enabled switch with CNAs in the hostB.    UTA2 configured as FCoE connected to a FCoE-enabled switch with FC HBAs in the hostC.    UTA2 configured as 10Gb Ethernet connected to an Ethernet switch with CNAs in the hostD.    UTA2 connected to an FCoE-enabled switch with CNAs in the host Answer: D NetApp NS0-507 exam questions are available in PDF and VCE format. This makes it very convenient for you to follow the course and study the exam whenever and wherever you want. The NetApp NS0-507 exam questions follow the exact paper pattern and question type of the actual NS0-507 certification exam, it lets you recreate the exact exam scenario, so you are armed with the correct information for the NS0-507 certification exam. NS0-507 new questions on Google Drive: 2017 NetApp NS0-507 exam dumps (All 128 Q&As) from Lead2pass: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2017-05-05 03:05:21 Post date GMT: 2017-05-05 03:05:21 Post modified date: 2017-05-05 03:12:47 Post modified date GMT: 2017-05-05 03:12:47 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from